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MIT AlumnusSince earning a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987, I have been enjoying a career in Information Technology.
I have my own business, Agile Consulting LLC, helping companies from starups to established firms implement or improve their techology infrastructure and deploy web applications build with Ruby on Rails. If you’re looking for a leader to help you plan how technology improves your company’s future, you might be interested in viewing my résumé. Your browser may not support CSS which is used extensively to control the layout of my on-line résumé. Please download the Adobe PDF formatted version. A version in Adobe’s PDF is also available. You may also contact me directly via email or the phone numbers at the top of my résumé.

Visit me on[Gavia Scuba Club]

After doing a lot of snorkelling off the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL during visits to my in-laws, Andrea gave me a gift certificate for an Open Water Scuba diving class for a Father’s Day and Anniversary gift in 2003. The training was at a PADI facility nearby called Underwater World, Inc. I was certified in August and dove right in to my Advanced Open Water (AOW) certification in September. All my certification dives were at Gilboa Quarry in Ottowa, OH. I've been hanging out at quite a bit since then. (Far too much if you ask Andrea!) If you're a diver and haven't checked it out, you're really missing something. I've also joined the Gavia Scuba Club and hope to actually go diving with other members this summer. I'm working on an on-line dive log of my dives.

I've been involved with the Cincinnati Agile Round Table since shortly after it started. I’m also a regular at the the Cincinnati Ruby Brigade (#cincyrb).

You can also waste some time reading by current blog tumblr or my really old weblog here.

I did Weight Watchers for about a year starting in March 2003 and lost about 30 pounds. Here’s a chart of my progress from back then. I’d gained most of that back over the past few years, so I’m back to watching what I eat. This time I’m using and really liking it. Here’s a recipe for Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies that are about 72 calories (2¼ pts) each. Oh, and here’s that Broccoli Sunshine Salad (but it needs to be tweaked for portions a bit more).

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